Joyful Noise Kindermusik Policies

We are happy to welcome you to the Joyful Noise Kindermusik family. Please take a moment to review our policies. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or by email.

School Year Enrollment

The benefits of our classes build from week to week and from month to month. The classes generally run from September through May with a separate Summer schedule.

We offer 28 weeks of classes/lessons during the school year, and you can join at any time - space permitting.

Payment is on a monthly basis for your convenience. 


Relax and enjoy music with your young child. If your child cannot focus on the activities and does not sit by your side at all times - don't worry. As long as your child is in the room he/she is participating. 

Most children adore music. They love to dance, to sing and to play musical instruments. However, a group music experience may be new to your child. He/she may be shy in the group - that's okay. Encourage your child to join in, but please do not be over anxious if he/she is reluctant at first. Each child responds in a unique way in the musical environment. Some will participate eagerly, whilst others will prefer to observe initially. You may see a completely different child at home as you share your Kindermusik activities there. Most families do. 


We appreciate your punctuality, but ask that you arrive no earlier than 5 min. before class begins. This allows for a smooth transition from one class to the next, and gives the teacher time to prepare. 


Please dress your child in comfortable clothes suitable for movement.  Adults and children will be asked to remove their shoes.

Siblings & Young Guests

One of the goals of having the parent/adult caregiver in the Kindermusik Village and Kindermusik Our Time classes is to enhance this special relationship through one-on-one time. We therefore request that older and younger siblings, or young guests, do not accompany the registered child to class.  The exception are siblings that are content in a car seat or stroller during the majority of the class.

Grandparents & Adult Visitors

We welcome grandparents or adult visitors to join our music making. Please check with your teacher to ensure room is available. 

Food, Drinks, Toys etc., 

Please encourage children to leave special toys, blankets, snacks, drinks etc. in the car. We like to keep their hands and mouths busy during class and stay on the move! We request that no food, drinks, bottles or sippy cups be used in the classroom (once one child sees a juice cup or snack then they all want one!).  Bottles are allowed in Village class if a child must eat during class.  Pacifiers should only be used in Village classes when needed.

Cell Phones

If you are unable to turn off your cell phone before class, please take any calls in the main lobby/playroom with your child. Please keep cell phones in pockets or purses.  It is difficult to focus on your child if you are looking at your cell phone.  Thanks! 


In recognition of that some children and adults have allergies, we request that no strong perfume or after-shave be worn to class 

Talking during class

Since one of our key goals is to enhance the parent/care giver - child relationship, please refrain from lengthy conversations with other parents when class is in progress. Not only do such conversations cause distractions, but the child also quickly notices when the parent's attention is diverted. Please feel free to visit with others after class, during the transition time. 


Payment policy may vary by class, so please check for the curriculum of interest to you. Payment is possible through our secure website with a credit card, or by check through the mail. In case of financial hardship please speak to Julie privately.

Typical Kindermusik payments:

NO Registration fee (when you enroll online)

The FULL cost of tuition (28 classes), and Materials (2 or 4 kits) is covered by by 8 regular monthly payments (September to April)

Early Withdrawal

If you are unable to continue in classes due to health issues or relocation, we ask that you provide us notice, in writing or by email, bythe 1st day of your last month to withdraw. 

In case of withdrawal near the beginning of the session, or immediately after new materials have been received, a materials fee may be assessed.

Make-up Policy

In order to maintain small class sizes and provide a consistent, optimal learning environment, please contact the office to schedule a make-up class.

Snow/Hurricane Policy

We will generally follow Guilford County School inclement weather closure policy. If Guilford County Schools are closed, we are closed for the morning classes, but we will try to run afternoon and evening classes. If Guilford County Schools are delayed, we will operate a normal schedule. Please check your email or check the Joyful Noise Kindermusik facebook page for weather-related updates. 

Class Changes

In recognition of the fact that preschool schedules etc. often change, we are happy to accommodate changes to your child's class as long as there is space available, preferably by email before each session. 

How Sick is Too Sick?

If your child has a fever, please wait until he/she is fever free for 24 hrs. before returning to class. 

If your child has suffered a stomach bug or has thrown up within the last 24 hrs please keep your child at home. 

If your child has a severe cough, thick nasal discharge, rash or conjunctivitis please let them rest at home 

Class Photos

Please advise us if you would prefer NOT to have anonymous photos of you or your child included in our flyers, websites. Facebook posts etc.

When Behavior becomes an Issue

At KinderVillage we strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment for all children. The vast majority of behavior issues are not a problem in class - all children have their moments!

However, based on feedback from parents in our surveys, and our decades of experience, we would ask that if your child becomes too disruptive, you please take him/her out into the lobby area until you feel he/she is ready to return to class.

We reserve the right to ask you to withdraw from class if disruptive or dangerous behavior persists. 


Joyful Noise Kindermusik attempts to provide a classroom environment that is safe for children and their caregivers, but ultimately it is the caregiver that is responsible for the safety of the child. We cannot be held responsible for the safety of children left unattended in the lobby or other areas of the premises. 

Refund Policy

We offer the following refund policies. Only one policy will apply to the class your student is registered for. The class description and the registration process will identify the exact refund policy for the class you have chosen.

Studio Refund Policy
Deposits are not refundable, but tuition and materials fees are refundable if we are notified in writing or by email 2 weeks prior to the start of the class.

Privacy Policy

We promise to respect your privacy. We do not sell, rent, loan or transfer any personal information regarding our customers or their students to any third parties. Any information you provide about yourself or your students is held with the utmost care and security and will not be used in ways to which you have not consented.

Information gathered on our web site is collected and used by us and SimplySignup. We will not collect any personal information about adults or students except when specifically and knowingly provided by them. If we collect any personally identifiable information about students, we will first obtain their parents' consent. Examples of personally identifiable information include full name and birth date.

Use of Information

Information collected by us is used internally by our authorized individuals for three main purposes. First, we may collect information for improving our site by seeing which areas, features, and products are most popular. Second, we may collect information in order to personalize the site for our customers. Third, we may collect personal information from visitors who request additional information about our studio, a Free Preview Class Coupon, or who choose to register for classes online.

We hope that you will want to provide information about yourself, because it will make your experience here more valuable to you. If you are comfortable sharing some basic information, you will receive enhanced services that are impossible to offer to anonymous users. Examples of such services may include email notices of special and discounted items, e-newsletters, and special mailings related to Joyful Noise Kindermusik, including free developmental activities and special offers.

On occasion, we may also share non-personal, summary information regarding our customers with unrelated third parties (for example, we may publicly disclose the aggregate number of registered users of our web site). However, we will not share any personal information about any particular customer.


Registering for class online is a completely safe experience!

We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)—the highest standard in online encryption technology—to ensure that your personal and credit card information remains secure. SSL encryption allows you to register with confidence, knowing that only you and Joyful Noise Kindermusik have the ability to access your information.

Keeping customer information private and secure is a top priority.

Whenever you access a secure page on our site, the information you send is immediately encrypted for your protection. There are two simple ways to see if you are on a secure page:

  • Look at the URL (website address) in your browser. If you are connected to a secure server, the URL will always begin with "https" rather than "http."
  • Most browsers display an icon that indicates whether or not you have a secure connection. Look for the unbroken key or closed lock icons in the bottom left or right corner of your browsers.